How does Raising Jesus work?

Regularly updated blogs and videos will tackle the most difficult questions of faith:

  • How can anyone believe in a loving God with so much suffering in the world?
  • If there is one God, why are there so many different religions?
  • Haven’t advances in modern science shown that God is just a delusion?
  • How does Jesus’ death on the cross save us from sin?

Using the most balanced and up-to-date scholarship, I will provide new insights into these questions and do it in an easy-to-follow way by using engaging illustrations that make the logic of complex arguments clear. In response, you can submit your own questions, doubts, and objections - many of which will be the subject of future posts.  


How is Raising Jesus different?

A lot of people are talking about these same questions of faith on-line. Unfortunately, most are doing it in an adversarial and argumentative way—they’re trying to win a debate, not genuinely explore the questions.

I want to open up a dialogue, not win an argument.

I want to take you on a journey to show you what I’ve found, to let you challenge anything I say, and to respond to your objections, questions and doubts until you find evidence that is compelling for you.


Why bother? Who cares?

A recent survey asked Americans to identify words that they most associate with Christianity. The two that topped the list were “old-fashioned” and “judgmental.”

If this is what Christian faith is all about, who’d want it to be true?

But the Jesus I and many others have come to believe in isn’t anything like this. No one is more relevant, more loving, more life-giving. A life of faith in him is the most exciting, intense and passionate life imaginable.

If our truest happiness, as many modern studies indicate, is found in relationships- in love- then the place we will find the greatest happiness is in a relationship of perfect love. This is what the God of Jesus Christ is all about.

If Christianity isn’t true, then it’s completely irrelevant.  

But, if it is true, it uniquely promises a relationship of perfect love with the Lord of the Universe. Like nothing else, it fulfills the deepest longing of the human heart. It provides the most profound peace we can know. It gives us the greatest joy we can find.

There is nothing better.    

That’s why it’s more than worth the bother to find out if it’s true or not. Potentially, it’s the most important and life-transforming thing you can know.

About Me

E.J. Sweeney is a true skeptic. He needs to see to believe. Hard Evidence. Compelling Proof. Solid Logic. This is what he believes in. In college, he encountered questions that the superficial faith he was raised on couldn’t handle. So he began a quest for Truth, a quest for the answers to life’s ultimate questions.

EJ Sweeney

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