Richard Rohr is one of the spiritual writers people most frequently recommend I check out.  If you haven’t heard of him, Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest who is very well known in spiritual circles.  He’s even been interviewed by Oprah.  Twice. 

When is God most God-like?

I have a friend who used to work in a larger city fire department who told a story about a certain Probie (new recruit) they once had assigned to their truck company.  The first few tours he was fitting in perfectly.  They hadn’t gone to an actual fire yet.  But they responded to a number of medical calls and false alarms, spent time checking equipment and cleaning the apparatus, and he was doing splendidly with all of it.  The third or fourth shift he worked, however, they were dispatched to an actual structure fire where their truck was first due.

Richard Dawkins: A Christian?

In John’s Gospel, Jesus says: “I have come that you may have life, life to the full.” (Jn 10:10)  Life, in other words, in abundance.  Life in all its fullness.  Life the way it was meant to be. 

What is the Most Beautiful Thing in the Universe?

What is the most beautiful thing in the Universe?  The only other thing I ever wanted to do in life besides what I have done with my life is to be a firefighter.  In fact, if I had two lives, I would have been a New York City Firefighter in one of them.  In the South Bronx.  During the “War Years” of the 1970’s, the busiest period for fires anytime and anywhere on the globe.  So, after thirty plus years of being a volunteer firefighter, one of my favorite podcasts to watch—it’s videotaped on YouTube—is two retired NYC firefighters who, for two plus hours, interview other firefighters, most of whom are retired, most from New York.  Many of them worked in or shortly after the War Years.  When I watch, I am glued to the TV.  Those two plus hours just fly by. 

How Did Jesus Ever Come Up with the Idea for Christmas?

Have you ever wondered how Jesus ever came up with the idea for Christmas?  That He was God Incarnate?  In several previous blogs, I’ve addressed the staggering conundrum this belief presents as it relates to Jesus’ disciples: Outside of Resurrection faith, scholars are stumped.  For a first century Jew, the notion of God becoming human would have been utterly incoherent—literally unthinkable.  Within their fiercely monotheistic worldview, this belief was so far beyond the realm of logical possibility that nothing else adequately explains how those first disciples could have conjured it up.

Does Christmas Matter?

Does Christmas matter?  Someone shared a comment about a recent blog I did that I really wanted to agree with.  They picked up on something I said in that blog about the centrality of love and emphasized that, with all that is happening in the World today, it is more important than ever to focus on loving one another.  But not just loving one another.  Loving one another with a radical love, meaning even loving our enemies.  We should love so radically, so unconditionally, they said, that we don’t allow anyone else to define someone or some group as our enemies.  We should love so radically, so unconditionally that we no longer see anyone as our enemy.  They punctuated their remarks with the thing I really wanted to agree with. 

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