How Did Jesus Ever Come Up with the Idea for Christmas?

Have you ever wondered how Jesus ever came up with the idea for Christmas?  That He was God Incarnate?  In several previous blogs, I’ve addressed the staggering conundrum this belief presents as it relates to Jesus’ disciples: Outside of Resurrection faith, scholars are stumped.  For a first century Jew, the notion of God becoming human would have been utterly incoherent—literally unthinkable.  Within their fiercely monotheistic worldview, this belief was so far beyond the realm of logical possibility that nothing else adequately explains how those first disciples could have conjured it up.

Does Christmas Matter?

Does Christmas matter?  Someone shared a comment about a recent blog I did that I really wanted to agree with.  They picked up on something I said in that blog about the centrality of love and emphasized that, with all that is happening in the World today, it is more important than ever to focus on loving one another.  But not just loving one another.  Loving one another with a radical love, meaning even loving our enemies.  We should love so radically, so unconditionally, they said, that we don’t allow anyone else to define someone or some group as our enemies.  We should love so radically, so unconditionally that we no longer see anyone as our enemy.  They punctuated their remarks with the thing I really wanted to agree with. 

Are We In The End Time?

Are we in the End Time?  One of the signs that is often cited that we are—from Jesus’ own words in Mark 13:7—is “wars and rumors of wars.”  Especially wars and rumors of wars involving the Land of Israel and the Middle East.  With the wars raging in Israel and Ukraine, and with rumors of both conflicts growing and potentially involving other nations, thereby sparking more wars, is this the sign that we are in the End Time?  

Give Me a Reason

For the first time ever last week, I saw the movie E. T.  I’m probably the last person on the planet to see it.  I remember when it first came out.  People raved about how good it was.  But for whatever reason, I never bothered to go see it.  And in all the intervening years, even with all the acclaim and awards the movie was garnering, I never bothered to rent it.  But last week I finally saw it.  And if you asked me for my review, it would be: More E. T., less of everything else!

How Old Is The Universe

How old is the Universe?  There was a “breaking” news story last week which announced that a new study “suggests” it is 26.7 billion years, and not the 13.8-billion-year dating scientists have been using for many decades now.  This new dating addresses a conundrum that has puzzled astrophysicists over the years that has only intensified with the many new images the Webb Telescope is producing: Numerous galaxies appear early but surprisingly grown up.  The new dating would build in enough time to account for this phenomenon.

Hell is for Real?

It’s been almost ten years since the movie Heaven is for Real was made.  The movie, based on the book with the same title, is about the true story of a four-year-old boy who was declared clinically dead before he could be brought back to life again.  During this Near-Death Experience, “NDE” for short, he went to heaven.  Or at least that’s what he kept telling his parents.  His father, who happened to be a pastor, was completely skeptical.  He was sure that his son’s experience was nothing more than a child’s vivid imagination having been triggered by such a traumatic experience.

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