When former pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura became Governor of Minnesota (a miracle in itself), he famously said that religion is a crutch. Belief in God is for weak-minded people who need to toughen up.


When I was a child, my parents told me that thunder was caused by God bowling in heaven. But when I was old enough to understand, I learned the real explanation in science class.

Like a child growing up and learning what thunder really is, advances in science are rapidly eliminating the need for God. We don’t need this “God-of-the-gaps” any longer to explain the mysteries that surround us. Science will eventually be able to explain them all.


I usually leave Easter service on a high. There’s nothing like it. It’s a rousing celebration of resurrection hope. But one Easter a few years ago, my wife showed me something after church that totally rained on my parade. Someone had posted a video on social media that claimed Christianity had “plagiarized” the resurrection from pagan mythology. It proposed that the idea of Jesus’ resurrection was stolen from the many pagan myths of dying and rising gods. The video presented itself as a scandalous new discovery revealing that the Christian faith was based on a hoax.

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E.J. Sweeney is a true skeptic. He needs to see to believe. Hard Evidence. Compelling Proof. Solid Logic. This is what he believes in. In college, he encountered questions that the superficial faith he was raised on couldn’t handle. So he began a quest for Truth, a quest for the answers to life’s ultimate questions.

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