Why Does God Allow Good?

Why does God allow good?  OK, I know it’s a ridiculous question.  But why?  We routinely—instinctively—ask why God allows evil.  Why don’t we ask the opposite?  Why do we think we should only experience good, and never evil?  Why do we expect that if there is a God, He would be good? 

Who Needs Forgiveness?

Hysterical as always, the Big Bang Theory series finale was also quite moving.  But the episode before the finale was, by far, the most powerful episode they’ve done in the twelve years the show’s been on the air. 

I once read a blogger who passionately implored people to “THINK!”  He admitted that the historical evidence for the Resurrection was very strong, perhaps even undeniable.  But, he asked: “Even with all this evidence, given everything we know about how the universe works, what’s more reasonable?  To believe a dead man came back to life, or to conclude that it’s all just some kind of mistake or misunderstanding?”   

One day, out of the blue, right in the middle of a Sophomore Religion class, one of my students raised her hand and in the sweetest way—as if she was sincerely concerned for God’s mental health!—asked: “Before creating us, was God lonely?”  Once the laughter settled down, I told her what a great question that is and launched into a brilliant exposition of the doctrine of the Trinity.  I seized the opportunity her insightful question gave me to explain how, through all eternity, God is never lonely because God is Three Persons in an intimate union of perfect love.

I love watching those real-life murder mystery shows, like Dateline and Forty Eight Hours.  But I always find myself getting sucked in, completely convinced at first that they did it, then, completely convinced they’re innocent!  Part of this is due to editing, of course.  But part of it is due to the fact that the evidence is never clear-cut.  It’s always filled with ambiguity and open to interpretation.  And this is with recent events, crimes that occurred within a few years of the show.

Even if you don’t believe it happened, imagine for a moment that Easter is true.  Imagine that Jesus actually did rise from the dead.  Imagine that, after suffering the unimaginable horror of crucifixion, Jesus really was resurrected with a glorified body.  What would that say about suffering? 

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