Can Cognitive Dissonance Explain the Resurrection?

We’re all familiar with cults founded by some charismatic leader that predict the world is going to end on a certain date and then radically reorder their lives to prepare for it.  And then, when “the end” doesn’t happen the way they predicted, many of these enthusiasts continue to believe in their failed leader despite the massive disconnect between what they prophesied and what actually happened—often, they rationalize it by saying that they simply miscalculated the date and then go on to set a new one! 

Can Our Prayers Change Others? Part 2

The power of prayer.  It’s an overworked platitude.  But is it true?  Can our prayers change others for the good, especially the ultimate good of their salvation?  Taking off from something C.S. Lewis said, last week I suggested that our prayers for others are powerful.  Without violating their free will, God uses them to have a powerful effect on the people we are praying for. 

Can Our Prayers Change Other People?

All of us have been there.  A loved one is doing things that aren’t healthy either for them or others.  They’re inflicting unnecessary pain on themselves and on you.  And you—along with everyone else—can see so clearly how and what they need to change.

Where is True Happiness Found? Part 2

Homer J. Simpson is my hero.  As I’ve mentioned before, The Simpsons is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.  One of my favorite episodes was the time Homer backed the car over his daughter Lisa’s “saxamaphone”.  (That’s how Homer pronounces saxophone) 

Where is True Happiness Found?

Meghan Markle is in crisis.  The big news in Great Britain over the past few weeks is that she and Prince Harry have decided to take a break from the public eye.  They are putting their “royal duties” on hold for a while.  As she’s explained in at least one interview, this is because of how miserable she is.  The pressures of her position have become unbearable.

Where Do Terrorists Spend Eternity?

Burning in Hell!  From the President to the Pundits to the person on the street, everyone I’ve heard celebrating ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi’s death has also been emphatic that this is how he will be spending eternity.  Given the unspeakable evil he was responsible for, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

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