Who's Fooling Who?

Years ago, when I was first entertaining the idea that Christianity might be true, I wandered into our local public library and happened upon an article that claimed Jesus never existed.  He wasn’t a real historical person but just a myth made up by the early Christians.  As I recall, this article was written by a scholar, someone with a Phd. after their name, someone who supposedly knew what they were talking about.  So, I didn’t know who to believe.  Had I been fooled, along with everyone else who believed in Jesus? 

Is It Just a Matter of Where You're Born?

There’s something I need to address.  I’ve addressed it before.  But, I keep hearing people repeating this “truism” which, just isn’t true.  And, it’s easy enough to show why.

Why Would You Want It to be True?

Not too long ago, I was listening to someone who is involved in a ministry to college kids.  He said something that startled me: Before the kids he is trying to share the Gospel with will care whether or not it’s true, they need to be shown why they would want it to be true.  Before they will ever listen to the evidence for Christianity, they need to see why it would even be worth the time and energy.

What Did the Cross of Christ Look Like?

What did the original cross of Christ actually look like?  And how was Jesus placed on the cross?  I received these two great questions from someone who is very interested in an accurate representation of the actual Cross.

Would You Buy an Edsel?

In the late 1950’s, the Ford Motor Company designed what it believed was the “car to beat all cars.”  In their minds, the Edsel would be found in every driveway in America.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  The Edsel was a complete sales bust, one of the worst ever recorded. 

What is a Spiritual Body?

Is Jesus’ Resurrection just a later legend invented by the Gospel writers some thirty to sixty years after His death when they first put pen to papyrus?  That’s a great question I recently received and in last week’s blog I took time to unpack the very compelling way it was framed.  It’s also a great question because this is, by far, the most popular explanation those scholars who don’t believe in the Resurrection put forward to explain it.  It’s the best alternative explanation they’ve come up with.

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E.J. Sweeney is a true skeptic. He needs to see to believe. Hard Evidence. Compelling Proof. Solid Logic. This is what he believes in. In college, he encountered questions that the superficial faith he was raised on couldn’t handle. So he began a quest for Truth, a quest for the answers to life’s ultimate questions.

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