What Happened?

What happened? A week ago when I was putting last week’s blog together, the Coronavirus was predicted to be a moderate disruption. Now, it’s predicted to be a major, life-changing event of historic proportions. It’s literally turning our lives upside down!

What Does the Third Day Prove?

I’ve studied Jesus’ Resurrection enough to only have one real doubt about the empty tomb.  I don’t have any doubt that Jesus was buried in a tomb that was later found empty.  And I don’t have any doubt that none of His disciples would have stolen His body to perpetrate some kind of hoax.  But I have wondered whether or not there could have been some kind of innocent mistake.  Perhaps the women went to the wrong tomb.  Or, maybe Jesus’ body was moved by someone else for some unknown reason. 

What's More Embarrassing to the Resurrection Narrative than Women Witnesses?

The Gospels say that women were the first witnesses to Jesus’ Resurrection.  Last week I showed what a terrible liability this was for the early church.  Given the attitude toward women at the time, it threatened to undermine the faith before it even had a chance to get off the ground.  This is why most scholars find the story credible—the only reason the Early Church would record women playing these key roles is if they actually did.  And that’s really good reason to trust what they tell us about Jesus’ tomb being empty and seeing him risen from the dead.

What Makes Women Such Good Witnesses to the Resurrection?

As is often pointed out, the women who are the first to discover Jesus’ tomb empty and then are the first to see Him alive again provide some of the best proof for the Resurrection.  It’s so good that it’s practically irrefutable.  But why?  What makes it so good?  What makes it so irrefutable?

Why Worry?

No worries.  People say this a lot, usually when someone accidently bumps into them, or makes a mistake they have to correct.  But, oh how we long for this to be true in so much deeper of a way.

What's So Special About Kobe?

What’s so special about Kobe?  I just read a rant on Facebook that said: nothing.  The person who wrote the post is upset that his death is getting so much more attention than other people’s.  Like the other people who died in the crash.  Like the many members of our military or emergency services who’ve died in the line of duty.  Like all the other people who die tragic deaths in the prime of their lives every day. 

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