Is Jesus' Resurrection Just a Legend?

St. Francis of Assisi is everyone’s favorite saint.  One reason he’s so popular is his love for creation, for nature, and, in particular, for the animals.  That’s why on his feast day every year—even though it can get a little messy and chaotic!—many churches invite people to bring their pets in for a “Blessing of the Animals” service. 

How Much Does It Take to Get God's Attention?

Last week, I talked about a person I know well who is going through a difficult time.  She is feeling bad because she finds that she only turns to Jesus as a last resort.  In last week’s blog I responded to her question about why we do this.  But, given that we are so prone to wander, so prone to forget about God until we hit some kind of rough patch in life, she also wanted to know how much it takes to get His attention.  After turning away from Him so much, what do we need to do to get His attention?

Why Do We Only Seek Out Jesus As a Last Resort?

Why do we only seek out Jesus as a last resort?  And, how much does it take to get God’s attention, anyway?  Someone I know well is going through a very difficult time right now—as we all do in life, from time to time.  As a result, she’s found herself turning to Jesus, but feels bad about it.  In her mind, she only seeks Him out as a last resort, not when things are good.  This generated these two great questions.  I’ll respond to the first in this week’s blog and the second next week.

Where's the Hope?

COVID-19 infections are rising at alarming rates.  That’s the bad news coming in from a number of States that had previously been largely unaffected by the pandemic.  As this crisis drags on with no letup in sight, it feels like this might really be our new normal.  So, as someone recently asked: Where’s the hope?

What Color Was Jesus?

In the midst of all the recent outcries to remove any statue of any figure that had anything to do with racism in America, like Confederate leaders or slaveowners, I’ve also heard of at least one commentator who has called for the removal of any depiction of Jesus as a white man.  According to this commentator, the depiction of Jesus as a lily-white man is not only historically inaccurate—He wasn’t white—it also perpetuates racial oppression.

Why Does This Keep Happening? Part III

A couple of years ago, in the wake of the police involved shooting in Ferguson, I had a powerful experience that opened my eyes to some of my racial biases—biases I was sure I didn’t have.  One Sunday, I happened to attend a mostly white, upper middleclass, suburban church.  During the service, the pastor, who was white, had invited a good friend of his, who happened to be African American and the pastor of an inner-city church nearby, to have a dialogue about the incident.  Members of this church were also in attendance.

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