Is God Bad At Math?

Previously, I told the story of how, back when I was teaching, right after I had given(what I thought was!) a brilliant explanation of the doctrine of the Trinity—how God could be Three Persons in One Being—one of my students put their hand up and asked: “Mr. Sweeney, doesn’t this mean that God is schizophrenic?”

IS God Love?

On her show, Oprah Winfrey would often say: God is love!  As if this was self-evident.  As if anyone who believed in God simply accepted this as a given.  As if all religions believed this fundamental truth.  In fact, it has become an unquestioned “truism” in our culture that all religions agree on this one basic thing: God IS love. 

Could Jesus Have Been Mistaken?

Last week, I shared C.S. Lewis’s famous “liar, lunatic, or Lord” quote.  As long as Jesus claimed to be God, these are the only options we have about His identity.  I went on to show that, using the best scientific criteria for determining what’s historical, modern scripture scholarship is unearthing more and more evidence from the Gospels that clearly shows Jesus thought of Himself this way.  According to Lewis, this leads to the inescapable conclusion that Jesus can be none other than the Lord of All—He was too good to be a liar and too wise to be a lunatic. 

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

Liar, lunatic, or Lord?  According to a famous quote by C.S. Lewis these are the only three choices we have about Jesus’ identity: 

Why Does God Allow Good?

Why does God allow good?  OK, I know it’s a ridiculous question.  But why?  We routinely—instinctively—ask why God allows evil.  Why don’t we ask the opposite?  Why do we think we should only experience good, and never evil?  Why do we expect that if there is a God, He would be good? 

Who Needs Forgiveness?

Hysterical as always, the Big Bang Theory series finale was also quite moving.  But the episode before the finale was, by far, the most powerful episode they’ve done in the twelve years the show’s been on the air. 

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