Can You Believe It's Been Twenty Years?

Can you believe it’s been twenty years since 9-11?  In a few days, we will commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of that awful day.  In anticipation of this commemoration, the National Geographic Channel has put together a new documentary featuring recent interviews from survivors of the attack.  As they recall their experiences and as the timeline and images from that day are replayed, the emotions come flooding back.  I was surprised to hear a good number of stories about that day that I wasn’t aware of.  They are every bit as powerful and heart wrenching as any I have heard before.

Why Do Some Believe and Others Don't?

Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins are two of the World’s leading scientists.  One of them, Collins, is a Christian, an ardent believer.  The other, Dawkins, isn’t.  He’s an avowed atheist.  Both are experts in the same discipline of science, evolutionary biology.  Both look at the same evidence.  Based on the same science, however, one believes in Jesus and the other doesn’t.  How can this be?  If there is a God, if Jesus is God incarnate, shouldn’t the evidence make this clear to anyone who examines it?

Why Would A Scientist Believe?

Why would a scientist believe in Jesus?  Last week, I dispelled the huge but relentless myth that says you can’t believe in Jesus if you follow the science by sharing some examples of today’s leading scientists who do believe in Jesus.  They see no contradiction between their science and their faith.  In fact, for a number of them, it was following the science that led them to faith.  And for all of them, following what the science says continues to deepen their faith and make them more and more certain about Jesus. 

With Jesus, Can You Follow the Science?

There is a huge myth out there that I want to challenge.  I know I’ve challenged it before.  But I keep hearing it repeated.  It keeps getting told, unchallenged, over and over again.  And it’s deceiving millions.  What is this myth?  It’s that if you can follow the science, you can’t believe in Jesus.   

Why is love?

Why is love?  People ask all the time, what is love?  But has it ever occurred to you to ask, why is love?  Has it ever occurred to you to ask why there is such a thing as love, why it even exists, and, more importantly, why it holds such a primary place in our lives? 

How Does the Cross Affect Us?

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.  One of the most basic Christian beliefs is that, in order to be forgiven, in order to be saved, you have to trust in what Jesus did for us on the Cross.  Last week, I talked about the “Objective Atonement”, how the Cross works from God’s side of things, how it affects God so as to enable Him to create, forgive, and love sinners like us.  This week, I’m going to talk about the “Subjective Atonement”, how the Cross works from our side of things, how it affects us.  This is in response to a group of insightful questions someone recently asked about the Cross.

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E.J. Sweeney is a true skeptic. He needs to see to believe. Hard Evidence. Compelling Proof. Solid Logic. This is what he believes in. In college, he encountered questions that the superficial faith he was raised on couldn’t handle. So he began a quest for Truth, a quest for the answers to life’s ultimate questions.

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