Hell is for Real?

It’s been almost ten years since the movie Heaven is for Real was made.  The movie, based on the book with the same title, is about the true story of a four-year-old boy who was declared clinically dead before he could be brought back to life again.  During this Near-Death Experience, “NDE” for short, he went to heaven.  Or at least that’s what he kept telling his parents.  His father, who happened to be a pastor, was completely skeptical.  He was sure that his son’s experience was nothing more than a child’s vivid imagination having been triggered by such a traumatic experience.

What Did Charles Stanley and Timothy Keller Have in Common?

Last month, the Church lost two of its most impactful preachers of the Gospel, Charles Stanley and Timothy Keller.  Charles Stanley and Timothy Keller couldn’t have been more different.  They were complete opposites.  They would have made the perfect odd couple! 

How Certain Can We Be that Jesus Rose?

Do you know what the greatest mystery in the history of religions is?  One of the places this mystery appears is in John 20:24-28, the famous passage of doubting Thomas, which was read in many churches this past week, the Sunday after Easter.  This passage takes place a week after Thomas challenged God to prove Himself by declaring that he refuses to believe Jesus rose from the dead unless he can see the Risen Jesus for himself.  Indeed, Thomas is so certain in his skepticism about the Resurrection that he goes on to declare that he refuses to believe unless he can probe the wounds in Jesus’ writs and side.  In this very passage, Jesus accepts the challenge.  He appears to Thomas, challenging him to see and believe.  That’s when Thomas does one of the most dramatic tail-between-legs-about-faces in all of history, declaring to Jesus: “My Lord and my God.”  

Jesus' Crucifixion: What Was the Worst Part?

Of all the movies I’ve ever seen, the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan is the hardest scene I’ve ever had to watch.  The Hell of combat is depicted more realistically, and more tragically, than anything I’ve ever seen.  As hard as it is to watch, however, it is important and even good to do so: It is a vivid reminder of the tremendous sacrifices combat veterans have made in defending our freedom.

Belief in Jesus or Extraterrestrials--what's more reasonable?

Has the Webb Telescope discovered other intelligent life in the Universe?  According to an unpublished Harvard paper, it very well may have.  This is essentially what the “tease” for a story NBC News that aired two weeks ago claimed.  Note how compelling this “tease” is.  It cites an Ivy League university known for its scientific prowess.  It makes reference to the Webb Telescope, the most advanced technology devised by astrophysicists to date.  And it strongly implies that intelligent life has indeed been found.

Why Carl Lentz?

I just watched something that made me sick to my stomach.  It was a documentary about Carl Lentz.  Carl Lentz was the Pastor of Hillsong church in New York City.  You may not have heard his name before but probably know him, or have seen him on TV, as Justin Bieber’s pastor.  About two years ago he was removed from his position because of moral failings.  Specifically, an ongoing, adulterous affair.  The documentary showed a series of video messages he left the woman he was sleeping with.   It was disgusting to see this family man, this pastor who preached fidelity in marriage and continence in all other sexual matters repeatedly profess his love for her.  But that’s not what made me sick to my stomach.

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