Why Can't We Stop Worrying?

About ten years ago, a woman who happened to have survived the Holocaust as a child had a leak in the roof of her house.  Being older, all her family was gone.  She had to take care of the large, two and half story balloon framed house all by herself--she didn’t want to sell because it was full of so many good memories.  So, she called in a contractor to fix the leak. 

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Pope Francis angered animal lovers everywhere with comments he made a few months ago.  He was talking about the need to be more attentive to families living in poverty.  The angry reaction came when he pointed out how much more time, attention, and money we devote to our pets than to the needs of the poor, especially children.     

Why is Ash Wednesday so Popular?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a local Ash Wednesday service to get my ashes.  I couldn’t believe how packed the church was.  The church I went to seats about four hundred people.  Every pew was filled to capacity and people were standing along the outside aisles.  Many others crowded into the Narthex--another two hundred by my count.  There were so many people that the distribution of ashes, which normally takes five minutes or so, nearly took fifteen minutes!

Why Does Ukraine Surprise Us?

The Cold War ended over thirty years ago, making a Russian invasion of another, sovereign nation unthinkable.  And yet, once again we are watching the Hell of war unfold before our eyes.  The images coming out of Ukraine are heartbreaking.  In a rare act of unity and solidarity, the entire world is justifiably horrified and outraged.  But the entire world is also shocked, perplexed at how such an unprovoked, naked act of aggression could be happening in 2022. 

Religious Freedom: What Are We So Afraid Of?

Shocking is the only way to describe the news story I just heard.  It was about Coach Kennedy, a former marine who, if I heard correctly, is an Afghanistan combat veteran.  When he got out of the service, he began coaching high school football in his home state of Washington.  He loves coaching.  He adores the kids he’s been entrusted with.  He calls coaching the highlight of his life.   

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Merry Christmas!  Or should I have wished you a Happy Holidays?  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.  After purchasing a Christmas gift several years back, I turned to the clerk who helped me and wished her a “Merry Christmas”.  In reply, she wished me a “Happy Holidays”.  But not in a polite, joy-of-the-season way.  She said it more in a scolding way.  Maybe I was reading too much into it, but she seemed to be offended that I had wished her a “Merry Christmas” and was trying to correct me so that I would never make the same mistake again and only ever wish people “Happy Holidays” instead.          

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